Trabalho de aluno: Studying Abroad

Trabalho de Conclusão de Curso Focus on FISK Final do Aluno Milton Bassani – Julho 2009.

Sobre o Focus on FISK Final

Nível Aperfeiçoamento
Duração: 50 a 55 horas
Método: Regular ou Personalizado
Rítmo: Rápido ou Intensivo

O objetivo deste estágio é preparar o aluno para esse exame final, além de proporcionar-lhe uma consolidação de seus conhecimentos do idioma e de suas habilidades comunicativas. Após o Focus on FISK Final, o aluno prestará um exame para obter o certificado de conclusão do curso.

Studying Abroad

Today, studying abroad is much more than an opportunity of growing professionally and personally. Actually, it is a new way of interrelate, a big experience fully of discovers that certainly will broad the point of view of those ones who enter into this experience.

It is proved that learning a new language in a foreign country is easier than in your own country. Besides the language, you have the opportunity of knowing costumes and traditions of a people.

The objective of this final project is helping people that want to do an exchange but don’t have idea from where to start. It is known that is hard to find reliable information about it, and because of that, here are some information associated about courses, accommodations, cities, etc., in order to you start planning your trip.


Leia o trabalho na íntegra: Studying Abroad (pdf).

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