Trip to Vancouver

Matéria sobre o programa de intercâmbio do aluno de avançado Pedro Brasil Diehl, pertecente ao estágio Expanding Horizons, e a sua viagem realizada no último verão em Vancouver as vésperas dos Jogos Olímpicos de Inverno.

Trip to Vancouver

When we arrived in a different country, the tendency is to feel lost at the first moment. It was what happened with me. I was out of the comfort that I have at home with my parents. But after that I felt how the things would happen, I was getting used to this new life. But I was still afraid of what would happen.

My two first weeks were harder, but for the first time I began to think in English before I speak. Besides I have improved my fluency in the language and much more than that. First at all, I broke many biases that I had and learned to relate better with other people. I gave more importance for my family and friendships that I built during whole of my life. By the way, I found out that the Brazilian’s culture and the wealth of our food is unique. I built a family there, because my friends were with me all day long, helping me and making me happier. Because of them, everything was easier for me.

The top of my trip was the Olympic season. Awesome! The spirit of everyone was incredible. I practiced snowboard and skiing for some days and I created a kind of love for that sport. It was something that I will never forget. I was awful in the beginning, but after hard practice, I could do it without falling down.

Analyzing everything, I became much more mature after that trip as it opened my mind for several things. I hope that young people, no matter the age, should travel abroad at least once, to immerse in this fabulous experience that is the cultural exchange.

Pedro Brasil Diehl

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